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Uncompromising Passion: The humble beginnings of an African Video Game Industry

GHS 50.00   (change currency)

A story of passion with purpose. This is Eyram's uncompromising and 
passionate story of grit and purpose. The story of a young man who 
pursued his dreams with such unwavering focus that all readers of this 
book will be inspired to do the same. Each one of us is entrusted with 
the prime responsibility for making our dreams come true. Eyram Akofa 
Tawia depicts that truth ever so clearly.     This book is not a 
motivational book. It was not written to tell you, you can. It was 
written to tell you, you are already doing it. To unlock your potential 
of greatness as an African child.  This book is not an autobiography. It
 is to show you what goes on in the mind of an African child.   This 
book is to tell you to write your story for every breath on this 
continent is an adventure and worth writing about.  This book believes 
in Africa's ability to globalize its discoveries.

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